Luftahraan Modelling #1

Hello everyone! Today I have an update for you from DoubleFelix, our primary architecture modeler. He would like to talk to you about his experiences modelling for Luftahraan and, in particular, the processes behind his model of Sovereign Hall.

Hello, I’m Doublefelix, Archon Entertainment’s newest modeler, and I would like to welcome you to the first episode of my Modelling Corner series where I say a few words about and post images of my creations for Luftahraan.

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Luftahraan Update #13 – 08/07/2014 (First Developer Diary)

We have two developer diaries for you today – one in video form from Wheeze, talking about the Archon team and some of the things that we’ve been up to recently, and one in text form from myself, Arkaash, that will form the majority of the body of this update.  I talk about some of our design choices when it comes to gameplay content and about the dungeon that I am currently working on, Kumano – a Tsaesci Temple.  My diary can be read below; Wheeze’s video is embedded in a link at the bottom.

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Official Archon/Luftahraan AmA on r/skyrimmods

The moderators of the skyrim modding subreddit, r/skyrimmods, want to start doing official AmA’s(ask me anything) and they asked us to start it off with an AmA for Luftahraan.

The two co-project leads of Luftahraan are Wheeze(me) and Arkaash. We will both answer all questions that we can but Arkaash will answer most, if not all of the story-related questions since he is the lead writer.

The AmA will take place right here on this subreddit at Sunday 18th of May at 8pm UTC. We will put a link at the bottom of this article when the ama is live.

So if you have any burning questions about this huge project then this is your opportunity.

Link to the ama

New Archon Entertainment Website is Live!


If you are reading this paragraph then you are currently on our new website. Welcome!

We decided we needed a website where people can learn about all of our projects in one place and get future updates along the way. This will be a portal for everything Archon.

We will be posting the moddb updates here from now on. Moddb updates will still be there but it will appear on our website first since moddb has their news approval system.

We will also be posting media updates such as reminders when a bulk of new stream VoD’s are available, when a new song has been uploaded, a new video is on our YouTube channel or when new screenshots are available.

So the main features of this website are:

  • All Archon related content in one place.
  • Livestream status of all Archon members
  • Newsletter system where you can subscribe and get email notifications when a new update is out(we will not be spamming your inbox with smaller updates, only the more important news posts)
  • Media page with all of our media(even songs that most people have not heard before!)
  • Project page with a neat summary of all of our projects

And I, Wheeze, would like to personally remind all of you that we are doing this for free. What we get from this is the feedback from you and that’s what keeps us going so please, if you want to support Luftahraan and other future projects, spread the word and maybe leave a comment. This is the perfect way to spread the word about us now that we have a central hub for all of our information.


Luftahraan Update #12 – 17/04/2014 (Quests and Arkngzul)

First off, our apologies for the nearly six months since the last update.  Luftahraan is certainly not dead, and development continues apace, with more progress being made now than it has for quite some time. The majority of our team is currently working on dungeons or on quests, with the longer term objective of moving several more level designers into the questing arena.  As I’m sure any of you who have attempted to make any relatively complicated quests will know, quest making in Creation Kit is a rather thankless task, but we are at present, for the first time in Luftahraan’s development, managing to make some real progress.  The main quest is now well underway and, as more developers complete their current dungeon work and become available progress will only accelerate.  We do not yet have anything by way of quests to show you, although something in that area will doubtless come your way soon enough.

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Creation Kit’s 2nd birthday and Wheeze’s 2 year anniversary of CK streaming

Hi, I’m Wheeze. I’m the project lead of Luftahraan. Two years ago I started livestreaming and making content mods for skyrim using the Creation Kit. I released a few dungeons, joined a modding team and that modding team is now known as Archon Entertainment and I became the project lead of Luftahraan. Tomorrow(as of the publishing date of this article) on the 7th of February I will have officially been making skyrim mods for 2 years and Creation Kit will be 2 years old. I feel that this day is important to me so I thought I would celebrate it by uploading the oldest stream vod that I have on to the Archon YouTube channel, a vod since February 8th 2012 where I am making my very first dungeon and I would also like to do a stream-a-thon event lasting on both friday february 7th and saturday february 8th where I am going to stream as much as I can. I’ll be taking breaks from time to time but hopefully I can stream for a majority of the time that I have available to me.
Now on friday I’ll start but only once I come home from work so if you want to get notified exactly when I go live you have 3 choices:
Follow me on twitch
Follow me on twitter
or join my steam group  (steam group = desktop notification)

Hope to see you there :)

Luftahraan Update #11 – 26/10/2013 (Recruitment & Interiors)

Normally when we write these updates, we’re showing you some screenshots and background information of some part of Luftahraan, but this update is a little different – this time, we need your help.  As I’m sure most of you are aware, creating a mod as large and detailed as Luftahraan takes a lot of time and a lot of work.  A lot of work has already gone into Luftahraan, but there is a lot of work that still needs doing and, at present, we don’t have enough people to do that work. During the development lifetime of a project such as this, a lot of people come and go, contributing a little but not staying very long.  Then there are the people that commit to the mod, and contribute in significant ways – these are the people that help us make real progress with development.  However, not everyone can stick around forever and these people are often forced to leave, or lose the ability to commit as much time as they would like to the project, for whatever reasons.

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Luftahraan Update #10 – 15/09/2013 (Heimfeigr)

Those of you that have been following Luftahraan, and these updates, for a while will know that Heimfeigr is a large complex in the Oessen Valley that houses the Tomb of the Sovereigns.  However, unbeknownst to many citizens of Luftahraan, it extends much further than that – a locked door in the back of the Tomb area leads into a deeper set of catacombs that await the prepared adventurer in this stand-alone teaser for Luftahraan.


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