The New Lower City of Luftahraan. Courtesy of Double_Felix

Double_Felix, our new modeller who specializes in architectural modelling, has been churning out models left and right and he has been focusing a lot on the lower city district of Luftahraan. We thought it looked so good we decided to do a before and after video showcasing what the city looks like now!

Soundtrack: Stephen Webster – Hall Of The Sovereigns (Luftahraan OST)

Haafinheim released!

Haafinheim is a medium sized player home located on the shoreline near the Solitude farms that has been created expressly for the purpose of the r/skyrimmods ‘build a home’ competition.
The house can be acquired by the player after a short quest that explains some of the story behind the house and why it is in its current condition when found by the player. Completing the quest will tidy up the house and transfer its ownership to the player, at which point they can take up residence.
The mod has been created by several members of Archon Entertainment, the team behind Luftahraan, partly for a chance to get something released on the long road toward completing Luftahraan, and partly as a bit of a break from the city.

Luftahraan Modelling #1

Hello everyone! Today I have an update for you from DoubleFelix, our primary architecture modeler. He would like to talk to you about his experiences modelling for Luftahraan and, in particular, the processes behind his model of Sovereign Hall.

Hello, I’m Doublefelix, Archon Entertainment’s newest modeler, and I would like to welcome you to the first episode of my Modelling Corner series where I say a few words about and post images of my creations for Luftahraan.

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Luftahraan Update #13 – 08/07/2014 (First Developer Diary)

We have two developer diaries for you today – one in video form from Wheeze, talking about the Archon team and some of the things that we’ve been up to recently, and one in text form from myself, Arkaash, that will form the majority of the body of this update.  I talk about some of our design choices when it comes to gameplay content and about the dungeon that I am currently working on, Kumano – a Tsaesci Temple.  My diary can be read below; Wheeze’s video is embedded in a link at the bottom.

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Official Archon/Luftahraan AmA on r/skyrimmods

The moderators of the skyrim modding subreddit, r/skyrimmods, want to start doing official AmA’s(ask me anything) and they asked us to start it off with an AmA for Luftahraan.

The two co-project leads of Luftahraan are Wheeze(me) and Arkaash. We will both answer all questions that we can but Arkaash will answer most, if not all of the story-related questions since he is the lead writer.

The AmA will take place right here on this subreddit at Sunday 18th of May at 8pm UTC. We will put a link at the bottom of this article when the ama is live.

So if you have any burning questions about this huge project then this is your opportunity.

Link to the ama