We are Cancelling Luftahraan

We are Cancelling Luftahraan

This is a decision I wanted to make before resigning as project lead but I hadn’t lost faith in my...


Wheeze resigning as project lead of Luftahraan

I, Örvar “Wheeze” Arnórsson, will be resigning as project lead of Luftahraan. I’ll still be a part of Archon Entertainment and...


Luftahraan September Update Video


Temple of Kruziik released!

Temple of Kruziik is a medium sized dungeon located between Falkreath and Helgen (picture of location). It was intended for...


Luftahraan Modelling #2

We posted a before and after video of the lower city of Luftahraan last week, and today we have the...


The New Lower City of Luftahraan. Courtesy of Double_Felix

Double_Felix, our new modeller who specializes in architectural modelling, has been churning out models left and right and he has...


Archon is now on Workshop!

We have uploaded our work to the steam workshop and we will now start releasing our work on Nexus and...


The r/SkyrimMods “Build a Home!” competition voting has started! Go cast your vote!

VOTING PAGE Please go and vote for whichever house mod you think is best! Show us the devs and the...


Haafinheim released!

Haafinheim is a medium sized player home located on the shoreline near the Solitude farms that has been created expressly...


Luftahraan Modelling #1

Hello everyone! Today I have an update for you from DoubleFelix, our primary architecture modeler. He would like to talk...